LABASSE et Fils product quicklime and three other amendments :
carbonate of lime, magnesium carbonate and calcium mixed amendment.

We also offer various sizes of white limestone gravel to beautify the surroundings of your houses, restore communal roads...

We actively participate in the restoration of the ancient heritage in partnership with Maisons Paysannes des Deux Sèvres and the Chanvre Mellois association In fact, we help you to realize your restorations A to Z with three products : quicklime that you turn off easily and quickly ; limestone sand 0/0.4 to 0/0.8 in ; limestone gravel 0/2.4 in.

This craft production is accompanied by services : delivery and spreading gravel, delivery amendments, rental spreaders to quarry or at your home.
The quality of our products and services and the attractiveness of our prices are available to all : individuals, professionals, farmers, municipalities.


Quicklime has many advantages: simple preparation, multiple uses, a natural and ecological product and low cost. Available in bags of 25kg, 500kg or in bulk, to be picked up on site or delivered to you with or without a spreader. Possibility of spreading on your plots on request.

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Lime has been used for thousands of years (about 2000 years before the Christian era). Calcined limestone blocks were embedded in the walls of some fortified places. The lime is used for its properties since antiquity, it is involved in the implementation of construction mortars, plaster and whitewash on the walls. It served also protect fruit trees or to fight against the putrefying corpses (epidemic).


Quicklime after the grinding stage


25KG hermetic bag


Quicklime in 500kg big bag

Amendments are substances of mineral origin intended for soil improvement. They are used to maintain or modify the pH of cultivated soils and create a magnesium contribution. In addition to quicklime, we offer three other amendments NF U 44001 for the recalcification of your agricultural plots. Available in 500kg bags or in bulk.

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Lime carbonate


Magnesium carbonate


Mixed calcium amendment

Labasse & Fils manufactures different calibers of white limestone gravel from which we extract the sand to obtain a clean and stable finished product. From limestone sand to blocks, our range meets all expectations: private individuals to embellish the surroundings of their houses or to undertake various restoration works; municipalities to clean up rural roads or to build sidewalks; farmers to develop farmyards and to build foundations.

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Composition : 95% CaCo3
Density : 1.3 t./m3
Compaction coefficient (cf) : 1.3

To fill an area of 100m2 on 10 cm will require 10m3 or 13 t. x 1.3 (cf) = 16.9 t. Our stones, sand and gravel are available to the quarry (starting at 100 kg) or on delivery.


Stone reduction by crushing


Sorting of different sizes on sieves


Limestone sand isolated during sorting

Labasse & Fils provide delivery, rental of spreader or application on request.

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7.5 ton payload truck


15 ton payload spreader


Delivery of quicklime and its spreader