Labasse and Son provide delivery, rental of spreader or application on request.


White limestone gravel delivery
We deliver all the gravel from 5m3 (7.5 tons) with our trucks.

A truck (payload 7.5 t) with 3 rear doors to spread the gravel : designing your path or yard in real time ; you spread your gravel through the doors while the driver maneuver the truck.
A truck of 15 t of payload.

Bulk and bags for amendments delivery
Loading the spreader
If you have already a spreader screw or another to amend your soil, we will deliver the amendment and charge your spreader with our tipper truck lift.
Delivery with rental spreader
If you do not have spreader, we deliver with the amendment. Our delivery truck pulls the spreader, to be completed at home. According to the quantity ordered, the driver makes the round trip to refuel again. The application is simple and the driver is present for any problems setting or other.
Spreading by us
You do not have the time required for application ? In this case we can ensure the delivery as well as the application (outsourcing services).
Rental spreader at quarry
You can pick up our spreaders directly to the quarry whatever the desired amount ; we offer three types of spreaders screw to amend your soil yourself :

• A spreader 7 t of payload

• Two spreader 10 t payload

Truck payload 7.5 t


Truck payload 15 t


Carriage of amendment and spreader


Spreader rental