From limestone


LABASSE et Fils product quicklime and three other amendments :
carbonate of lime, magnesium carbonate and calcium mixed amendment.


We also offer various sizes of white limestone gravel to beautify the surroundings of your houses, restore communal roads...


We actively participate in the restoration of the ancient heritage in partnership with Maisons Paysannes des Deux Sèvres and the Chanvre Mellois association. In fact, we allow you to make your restorations A to Z with three products :
• quicklime that you turn off easily and quickly
• limestone sand 0/0.4 to 0/0.8 in
• limestone gravel 0/2.4 in


This craft production is accompanied by services : delivery and spreading gravel, delivery amendments, rental spreaders to quarry or at your home...
The quality of our products and services and the attractiveness of our prices are available to all : individuals, professionals, farmers, municipalities...


Baking in the lime kiln of Nanteuil