The lime, a family history


We are a small family company producing lime since 1926.

My name is Jérome and I am the fifth generation of the family to make crushed quicklime. In 1926, François Labasse, my great-great grandfather originally from the Creuse, resumed the operation of lime kilns which were built in 1874 and 1876. The succession is then taken in 1939 by Georges Labasse, my great grandfather, then in 1970 by Rémy Labasse, my grandfather.

In 1974, due to the promiscuity of facilities and quarry, Rémy Labasse built a third oven to 100 meters from previous and operates according to the same technique. The two former ovens cease to function. In 1989 my mother Michèle succeeded to his father.


In recent years, after 15 years in the business as an associate, I took the society in 2008 to continue to perpetuate my job, a passion that my mother and my grandfather were forwarded me. I currently live on the site of the old lime kilns that I acquired and that I restored. My dwelling house is none other than the abode of François Labasse, my great-great grandfather.

The old lime kilns, today at rest