Labasse et Fils produces various grades of white limestone gravel which we extract sand to get a clean and stable finished product. Sand and limestone blocks, our range meets all expectations:
• individuals, to beautify the surroundings of homes or undertake restoration
• municipality, for clean rural roads, sidewalks make
• farmers, to develop farm yards, making foundations
• professionals, for large quantities

Composition : 95% CaCo3 - Density : 1.3 t./m3 - Compaction coefficient (cf) : 1.3

Estimating needs
To fill an area of 100m2 on 10 cm will require 10m3 or 13 t. x 1.3 (cf) = 16.9 t. Our stones, sand and gravel are available to the quarry (starting at 100 kg) or on delivery.


Limestone sand

Sand 0/2 0/4 mm to fill the trenches, making mortars and lime coatings.




Size 0/10mm

- Finishing around houses, rural roads, sidewalks (approximately 5cm)
- Making mortar with lime and sand to make walls


Size 0/20mm - Size 0/30mm

- Stabilize around houses before the finish (about 10 cm)
- Stabilize rural roads, car parks, farmyards
- Making a sub-layer (about 10 cm) before a concrete screed or other




Size 60/80mm - Size 100/120mm

- Carrying trays storm (city hall)
- Foundations of new houses or other buildings
- Making a sub-layer for concrete screed hemp

Embankments dishes

- Foundations shed, agricultural barn or other
- Making flowerbeds

Limestone blocks

- Stone ballast, shell works
- Access roads delimitation

Sand and gravel sorting


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 Sand and limestone block, 8 sizes to choose from

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