The geological setting


The production site of our company is located at a place called "La Palisse". It belongs to the deposit of limestone, used for a long time on all commonly called "the hill of Nanteuil", which covers an area of several square kilometers in the Sèvre Niortaise river.
This is the quarry we operate is. This activity lime kiln has left its mark in the industry, both physical and administrative, since close some localities as the "field of the lime kiln" and "Lime Kiln".

Located on the edge of the threshold of Poitou and Aquitaine Basin, limestone deposit is located where our quarry is represented mainly by detrital white limestone, in phosphate level and has operated Bajocian limestones (Middle Jurassic) subhorizontal. You will discover numerous fossils, evidence of the presence of the sea in a very distant past.

Regarding the recovery of mineable ore, it is composed of Groies's land which are products of alteration of limestone from the Jurassic.



The fossils found are typical of the marine fauna of the time, ammonites, brachiopods, belemnites etc.. Note that brachiopods are beautiful, the shell is often perfectly preserved. By cons they can only be released with the specific equipment at home (hammers, etc..), it is necessary to take the entire blocks.


Ammonites are harvested only in the state of internal casts. One feature of the site is the frequent "dissolution" of the umbilicus and some ammonites and recrystallization "ferns" very aesthetic. Moreover ammonites gender Teloceras reaching 30 cm in diameter have been harvested on the site.


The blocks containing the fossils are updated during blasting. On this occasion we can accommodate school and paleontology enthusiasts. If you are interested in these visits, thank you to contact us to learn about periods of fire.

Stratigraphic section

((bajocien lower, middle and upper)


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Some fossil of the site

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